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Core Values

Our Story Begins And Ends With Jesus
Our Story Begins And Ends With Jesus

Though we are raised to work hard and be self-reliant, we believe our life story centers on Jesus, not ourselves. Our significance and identity are defined by Him. The Scripture tells the story of how God is reconciling sinful people to Himself and restoring His broken world, all through Jesus.

We Hold Loosely, Give Freely
We Hold Loosely, Give Freely

God has abundantly given all that we have, so we seek to generously give of our time, money, and energy. We strive to be the friends who will drive you to LAX, bring you a meal when you have a family emergency, and share our camping gear for your upcoming vacation, because we believe these resources are not our own. Christ calls us to love sacrificially, and we believe that our heavenly treasures cannot compare with anything we have here.

We Welcome Everyone To Go Deep With Us
We Welcome Everyone To Go Deep With Us

In our diverse and divided world, God has crossed boundary after boundary to draw all people to Himself, and we welcome any whom God may bring. All are invited, not just to our gatherings, but into meaningful relationships. We want to be a community where all of us, broken and struggling, can deeply know and care for one another as we journey together toward Jesus.

We Cultivate Culture
We Cultivate Culture

As image bearers we’re all cultivators who’ve been invited by God to work and play knowing He uses both to renew communities through the power of the gospel. We desire to equip our members to live out their faith at work and in their neighborhoods in creative ways that ultimately point to our Creator.

We Pray…Really!
We Pray…Really!

Jesus has reconciled us to God, who is now our heavenly Father, and we have the Holy Spirit to pray with and for us. Instead of relying on ourselves or being anxious, we can turn to God with our fears, struggles, disappointments, and hopes. We trust that our heavenly Father hears and responds in loving and tangible ways.

These values drive the culture of Providence. When we mess up, which we will, we run to Jesus.

Reformed and Presbyterian

We are Reformed and Presbyterian. Following the Reformation, several foundational confessions of faith were written to summarize what the scriptures teach and allow us to confess our faith as a community.

Our church subscribes to the Westminster Standards and our convictions align with the Three Forms of Unity.

The term “Presbyterian” comes from the Bible’s word for elder and refers to our form of church government. We are led by a group of elders who are supported and kept accountable for what they teach and how they live by a wider group of elders of other churches known as a “presbytery.”

5 Solas

From Scripture Alone

We believe that when we read our Bibles, we are face to face with the very words of God. Though the Bible was written by shepherds, priests, kings, tax collectors, and physicians (to name a few), we affirm that there is one divine author who has worked through these individuals to preserve His very words for us. We believe the Bible was written without error and is our supreme authority under which all other imperfect authorities must submit to.

In Christ Alone

We believe that in the scriptures we are given Jesus Christ. Rather than leave us to die in our sins God speaks saving words to us even when we are enemies of God through the Lord Jesus. Though it is tempting to believe we have something to offer to God that makes us worthy of saving, we are only saved because of the perfect life, sacrificial death, and resurrection of Jesus. It is only in Jesus that sinners are presented to God as holy and blameless.

By Faith Alone

We believe that we receive the righteousness of Christ and are united to Him through faith alone. Because the righteousness of Christ comes from outside of ourselves, we affirm that faith is the means by which we receive all the benefits of the perfect life and sacrificial death of Jesus.

Through Grace Alone

We believe that before the world was created God chose to save a people for Himself, not because these people would choose Him, not because they were good enough to deserve being saved, but solely by the pleasure of God as a result of His grace. The entire life of the Christian finds its point of origin in the mercy of God, and it is through the grace of God that the believer is granted the gift of faith by which we cling to Christ and His righteousness.

For God’s Glory Alone

We believe salvation from beginning to end is a free gift of grace from God which ultimately leads to God receiving the honor, praise, and glory that He alone is worthy to receive. In the end, all roads will point to Him and will magnify His awesome power, sovereign authority, perfect justice, and immeasurable love.

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